Subdivision Plat Check List

All subdivision plats and replats will be submitted to the Treasury, Taxation, and Vehicle (TTV). Submission shall include, but not be limited to, a hard copy of the plat, the computer aided drafting file (CAD), and Land Survey Reference Reports, if applicable, according to statutory surveying requirements.

CAD and Land Survey Reference Reports may be submitted to TTV electronically and received in advance of the hard copy plat. Subdivision plat review will not begin until all required information is submitted. (Plats submitted and not recorded within a year will be reviewed as to the status of the property being platted and the city regulations on length of time to file the plat)

Checklist Items

R1. Submit one original ink on vellum or 24# bond paper no larger than 36" x 30". No white out, correction tape, tape or appliqué film is allowed on the original. Blueprint copies are not acceptable. Folded copies of the original plat are not acceptable. Provide at least a 4” x 2” blank area in the upper left corner of the plat for the Register of Deeds stamp and seal. (TTV)

R2. The digital computer aided drafting (CAD) file shall be submitted to TTV. The digital file shall be emailed to the address listed at the bottom of page 2. (TTV)

R3. A section vicinity map is required. This map shall show section, township and range with a small north arrow adjacent. (TTV)

R4. Plats shall be accurately drawn to scale and have a North arrow pointing to the "top" or to the "left". The scale shall be indicated under the north arrow and include a graphic scale. (TTV)

R5. Solid lines are for street and lot lines. Dashed lines are for easements and setbacks. Outside boundaries shall be dark heavy lines and match the legal description. For scanning purposes, shading should be kept to a minimum and should be as light as possible. Shading and lines shall not obscure text and numbers. (TTV)

R6. All block(s), lot(s) and tract(s) are to be identified by number or letter. (TTV)

R7. Adequate control and dimensions shall be shown so that the survey can be retraced, this is usually the bearing and distance to monuments found to establish the exterior boundary of the subdivision. (TTV)

R8. The bearings and dimensions of each lot and other tracts shall be shown on the drawing. Along the exterior boundary the sum of the interior dimensions must equal the exterior dimensions. (TTV)

R9. The road right-of-way width shall be shown on each street. All streets shall be named that appear on the plat and coincide with previously named and numbered streets. (TTV)

R10. Plats shall be one enclosed tract with one continuous line. There shall be no separate or isolated tracts and no excepted tracts within the interior boundary. If the adjacent road right- of-way has not been platted the plat should extend to the section line. (TTV)

R11. The legal description shall match the exterior boundary of the drawing and shall have no exceptions. In metes and bounds descriptions the point of beginning shall be indicated in the legal description and shown on the drawing. A metes and bounds description is not required on a replat of whole lots in the same block. The overall acreage within the plat shall be included in the legal description. (TTV)

R12. Plat names shall be unique. Plats shall be filed in numerical order (i.e. 2nd before 3rd). Numerical order of plats (i.e. 2nd, 3rd, etc.) shall be included in the name of the plat. On all plat phases the notation of the numerical order must be consistent (i.e. numerals 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or spelled Second, Third, Fourth). (TTV)

If the plat is a replat, the title shall so indicate either under the plat name or above the legal description. Lengthy plat names are discouraged. Plat and replat names are limited to 70 characters including spaces. The text shall include the statement "shall hereafter be known as ('name of subdivision')". (TTV)

R13. Plats must have original signatures (no signature stamps, or copies of signatures). Plats must be certified and sealed by a licensed land surveyor and properly endorsed by the appropriate governing body or planning commission. If a signature block is provided for city approval, it must be signed. Signatures of city or township officials must be accompanied by the appropriate seals. Names, including the notary public's, shall be lettered under all signatures. (TTV)

Provide enough blank space for the required notary stamp and signature. Signatures and seals are required to be in black or blue ink. Plats shall have notarized signatures of all owners who have an interest in the property. If a plat is signed by an officer of a corporation, the name of the corporation shall be shown and the titles shall be lettered under all signature lines. (TTV)

R14. Portions of adjoining plats shall be shown in light dashed lines with appropriate names and lot and block numbers or labeled unplatted. Perimeter bearings and dimensions are to coincide with adjoining plats or the record deed. If not, show the recorded bearings and distances of adjoining plats or record deed and indicate they are the same line. (TTV)

R15. Divided Ownerships: When two or more owners have separate tracts, a statement describing the exact ownership in accordance with the new plat shall be included. If the separate owners split a new lot, the statement shall clearly define the parts of the new lots owned by the various owners. (TTV)

R16. Include a “consent and agreement” clause on plat. (TTV)

R17. A statement shall be made dedicating all easements, streets, alleys, access control and all other public areas not previously dedicated. (TTV)

R18. All real estate taxes due and owing must be paid at the time of recording per K.S.A 19-1207 as amended by SB 193. (TTV)

P1. 58-2001 All exterior corners in the boundary of a subdivision of land shall be monumented prior to recording of the plat submitted for recording. The monuments shall be a metallic bar or pipe which is in accordance with Kansas law at the time the survey is made. (PW)

P2. 58-2002 Where any United States public land survey corner or section center is involved in the control establishing the location of a subdivision boundary or other property boundary, such corners shall be monumented before being used in the control of the survey. (PW)

P3. 58-2004 (a) Survey plat showing: (1) Theory of location used for the exterior boundary (PW)

P4. 58-2004 (a) Survey plat showing: (2) Locations of the monuments (PW)

P5. 58-2004 (a) Survey plat showing: (3) Bearings and distances between the monuments. (PW)

P6. 58-2004 (b) Closure calculations of the exterior boundary and interior lots and parcels, or equivalent electronic data files acceptable to the county surveyor. (PW)

P7. 58-2004 (c) Corner reference reports prepared by the land surveyor as required by K.S.A. 58-2003 and 58-2011, and amendments thereto, less than one year prior to the date such reports are submitted to the county surveyor. (PW)

P8. 58-2005 (b) (1) The survey plat shall be reviewed for: (C) Legal description. (PW)

P9. 58-2005 (b) (2) A townhouse plat shall be reviewed for compliance with K.S.A. 58-3707: The location and dimensions of each townhouse unit and all common area improvements. (PW)

P.10 58-2005 (b) (3) A condominium plat shall be reviewed for compliance with K.S.A. 58-3115: The plat of survey shall further show the location and dimensions of all existing condominium units and common areas and facility improvements of the submitted land. (PW)

This document was prepared to inform all parties of the requirements and rules by which plats are recorded in Johnson County, Kansas. The above requirements have been developed from Kansas Statutes with additional requirements to insure uniformity of plats. Failure to comply with any of the above items will result in plats being rejected or corrected. 

The PW, TTV notation at the end of each item represents Public Works and the Treasury, Taxation, and Vehicle office. These offices do not review draft plats, however, if you have a question on an item, please check with any or all of the departments indicated. Plats submitted and not recorded within a year will be reviewed as to the status of the property being platted and the city regulations on length of time to file the plat.

TTV – Treasury, Taxation, and Vehicle – Carla Polfer-Blaylock | 913-715-2356 
PW  – Public Works Mapping Division – Ryan Hendrickson | 913-715-8371
TTV – Records and Tax Administration – Terrol Palmer | 913-715-2328