Group Leadership

MED-ACT uses a collaborative leadership structure to incorporate field input on a variety of management issues. Field personnel are encouraged to participate in any of these venues. Field input is an essential part of MED-ACT’s approach, helping to assure that our actions are coordinated and grounded.

Panorama of an all department staff meeting

The First Staff Meeting of 2021

Work Groups

The Chiefs Cabinet

The Chief's Cabinet provides counsel, advice and assistance to the Chief with respect to policies (rules, guidelines and practices) related to the operations and leadership of the department and interagency and community relations. 

They are a team of leaders representing the department and divisions that make up MED-ACT who choose to advance a participative culture based on our shared values and focus upon the overall success of the entire department.  They seek continuous and constant improvement and work together to provide broad organizational leadership and strategic direction to our shared organization.

The Chief’s Cabinet operates in a trusting environment, where all members convene to formulate the best recommendations to the Chief.  While operating within the hierarchy, elements of a parallel organization are employed to encourage free and open communication.  Specifically, solid, meaningful and positive relationships are essential and should be constantly nurtured and reinforced.  Meetings evolve with participative, consensus building discussions – with all voices being heard.

Operational Initiatives Group

The Operational Initiatives Group (OIG) is a working committee comprised of individuals from all levels of the organization. OIG allows employees to make suggestions and have input on how the EMS system works.  Issues OIG may make recommendations on range from where ambulances are placed to what equipment is used. OIG is also responsible for administering the yearly Physical Assessment Test to all employees.

Awards & Recognition Group

The role of the Awards and Recognition Group at MED-ACT is to recognize our coworkers not only for delivering excellent emergency care, but to recognize them for accomplishments and exceeding the mission and values of MED-ACT. The group is comprised of field and office personnel who receive input from members of the department that would like to recognize their peers for outstanding performance. We celebrate things like superb patient care, great customer service, community service and contributing to the organization. This group is tasked with tenure awards and also the celebration of employees that are retiring.

Peer Support Group

A career in EMS can be take its toll, both physically and psychologically. PTSD and depression occur at higher rates in EMS than other professions. To combat this, the Peer Support Team was formed in 2017. The Peer Support Team provides peer mentoring for employees and their families. The team offers assistance and support when personal or professional problems negatively affect an employee, their work performance, or their family unit. Staffing comes from all levels in the department. Members of the Peer Support Team receive specialized training that helps them provide emotional support to the members of the department. They are also trained to recognize when those looking for support need professional help and can help in making those arrangements.