Divorce and paternity customers needing to modify their court orders can find the required Pro-Se paperwork available in the Hearing Officer Office, located in the new courthouse at 150 West Santa Fe St., Suite 1300, Olathe, KS 66061 or on the Help Center's website

All parties to the case and their attorneys of record must be served with this paperwork. Instructions are included with the Pro-Se forms.

Modification of Parenting Time or Modification of Visitation Orders

Parents needing to modify parenting time orders in divorce and paternity cases or parties needing to modify visitation orders need to consult with an attorney, and/or get a court hearing with the District Court Judge assigned to the case.


Hearing Officers cannot modify parenting time or visitation orders.

Court Date

You can obtain a court date/time from the Hearing Officer's Office by calling 913-715-3668 or 913-715-3669.

Generally, a court date/time may be obtained within 4 - 6 weeks.

Representing yourself or do you have an attorney?

As a pro se party, you are representing yourself in a court hearing and will need to complete all necessary Pro-Se forms.  All parties to the case and their attorneys of record must be served. 

Do you have to have an attorney with you? The choice is yours, but one is not required.