Cedar Niles Park Development Project

Date authorized: Project approved through Capital Improvement Plan

Project Authorization: $5,609,610

Delivery Method: Design, Bid, Build

Design Firm: Confluence

Contractor: Pyramid Contractors Inc.

Completion Date: Substantial Completion anticipated December 2021

Future Pending Action(s): No action required from BOCC

Update: On November 20, 2019 the JCPRD Board authorized entering into an agreement with Pyramid Contractors Inc. to serve as the general contractor for the project. The planned 957 acres west of Hwy 7 and south of 119th Street contains many natural assets including streams, dramatic topography, and diverse plant life. Initial development includes trails, pedestrian bridges, trailhead parking, picnic shelter, playground, and restroom facility. The contractor has completed approximately 90% of the construction.

The project schedule was impacted by a delay in receiving the Conditional Letter of Map Revision (CLOMR) from FEMA. Three of the pedestrian bridges crossing Cedar Creek could not be constructed until FEMA issued a CLOMR for the impacted floodplain. JCPRD received notice 3/30/2021 that the CLOMR had been approved by FEMA. The contractor has set bridge 3, completed footings and abutments for bridge 4, and installed the final monument sign at 135th street. Work on bridge 2 has not commenced yet, but will start after the other bridges are set.

The northern portion of the park, trail and the Clare Road parking area was opened for public use on February 20, 2021. The 119th Street parking area was opened in early March. About two miles of paved trail is now open, including bridge 1. More than four miles of mountain biking trail were completed by volunteers with Urban Trail Co. The new mountain bike trail was opened on June 5, 2021.

In December of 2018 JCPRD purchased the 75 acre Stoneridge property located in the middle of and surrounded by Cedar Niles Park. The acquisition brings Cedar Niles Park to 1,032 acres. Landworks Studio presented the Stoneridge Property Master Plan to the JPCRD Board in December 2020. The plan was accepted by the JCPRD Board. The Stoneridge master plan does not impact the first phase of park development currently under construction.