Class C Residential Contractor License

Contractor overlooking kitchen remodel before and after

The Class “C” License shall entitle the holder thereof to construct, remodel, repair, and demolish single-family or duplex residences and buildings accessory thereto. A Class “C” License allows the licensed company or the company’s full-time employees to perform framing, roofing, swimming pool construction, non-structural remodeling, or repairs when associated with single-family and two-family dwellings, or structures accessory thereto. The Class “C” license does not entitle the licensed company to perform HVAC, plumbing, electrical, or fire protection service or work.

How to Obtain a Johnson County Class “C” Residential Contractor License


Provide a completed application form

There is a one-time $100 application fee and a $180 license fee. We need an original of the signed application, so applications must be submitted in person or mailed to the office.

Application Packet


Provide proof of General Liability and Worker’s Compensation insurance

Every company except a company with an “inactive license” must keep in force a policy of general liability insurance, including completed operations coverage, meeting the program’s mandatory standards and when required by the laws of Kansas, worker’s compensation insurance.

If you claim exemption from the requirement of Worker’s Compensation insurance, you must complete and have notarized the Worker’s Compensation Waiver form. The insurance policy must be written with an insurance company licensed to do business in Kansas.

A certificate of insurance or other satisfactory evidence of the insurance coverage is required at the time of application and annually at the time of license renewal.


Establish the Qualifying Individual

Every licensed entity must have at least one responsible individual who will be known as the Qualifying Individual. The contractor can be the Qualifying Individual. Firms must have at least one Qualified Individual who is a full time employee (full time is defined as working 30 hours per week or more) of the company. The Qualifying Individual must possess either “1” or “2”, as follows: 

  • A Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture, Engineering, Construction Science, or Construction Management from an ABET or ACCE accredited program. Landscape Architecture degrees do not qualify. An official transcript establishes proof of degree qualification.
  • A certified test score 75% or higher, on a standard examination as approved by the Contractor License Review Board. Standard examination agencies are defined as the International Code Council (ICC) and Prometric or past subsidiaries of Educational Testing Services (ETS). For the Class “C” license we recognize the ICC Kansas Standard Residential Building Contractor (C) (Exam ID: KGC or 552) or Prometric/ETS Residential Construction (Catalog Number 10342) exam. We will also consider without guarantee of approval the ICC National exam if it can be verified to have a 75% or higher score and the exam outline content precisely mirrors the outline content of ICC Exam ID: KGC or 552.

Confirm the identity of Qualified Individual

Confirm the identity of Qualified Individual and company owner with a government issued photo I.D.


Provide a digital photo of the Qualified Individual

Provide a digital photo of the Qualified Individual. In addition to the government issued photo ID of the owner and Qualifying Individual, we need a digital photo of the Qualifying Individual for the license card. We can take one for you in our office, or you can send us one in .JPG format. The photo can be e-mailed to


Provide evidence that the entity is in good standing

If the firm is a corporate entity, provide evidence that the entity is in good standing. All corporate entities must provide proof of good standing from the Secretary of State of the state in which they are registered.