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construction worker with wood framing and lumber

Class enrollment has opened for the 2022 Spring Education Seminar, March 14-16, 2022.

You can enroll using the Contractor Management System.

2022 Spring Education Seminar Brochure

In order to maintain the contractor license, every qualified individual must complete a minimum of 8 hours of continuing education per license class as required by the Contractor Licensing Review Board each calendar year.

Johnson County has approved the following courses for continuing education credit for the year specified. If the course you desire is not listed on our website then it has not been approved for credit. 

If you or the organization would like to present a course then you first must submit a ‘continuing education request’ form for approval. To view list of courses approved in previous years, please contact the office at 913-715-2233.

Johnson County Contractor Licensing does not accredit any online education.

All courses must be approved by the Contractor License Review Board before accreditation will be given.

Course Accreditation Process

Request for Continuing Education Accreditation (RCEA)

The Request for Continuing Education Accreditation (RCEA) review is the Contractor Licensing program’s education accreditation process designed for the evaluation of course work presented outside of a Contractor Licensing sponsored education seminar. The RCEA review process conducts a formal review of the course content and the instructor’s credentials, while documenting the provider’s course presentation information.

Accreditation Form

Non-code education guidelines

This analysis is intended to be a living document reviewed annually by the JCCL Education Committee to ensure industry changes over time are mirrored in the educational resources provided to the contractors served by the licensing program. Concepts and specific categories may be added and/or removed by the Education Committee during the annual review, typically held in early summer.

Accreditation Form

Testing Information

The Johnson County Contractor Licensing program endorses contractor testing as a method of demonstrating trade qualification and code knowledge. This agency recognizes standard examinations as defined by Kansas Statutes or by the Contractor License Review Board (CLRB).
The recognized standard examinations for plumbing, electrical, and mechanical contractors are those promulgated or administered by the International Code Council (ICC), Prometric or past subsidiaries of Educational Testing Service (ETS), or the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO). Master Plumber with Gas, Master Electrician, and Master Mechanical examinations and tests are accepted with a minimum passing score of 75%.
We also accept many ICC, Prometric, Thompson‐Prometric, Experior, Block, and International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO) examinations or tests, provided the content is equivalent to that of the ICC and Prometric exams listed below. The  minimum passing examination score for General, Building, or One‐ and Two‐Family Dwelling (Residential) building contractors, as well as Class DR Roofing, DW Framing, and DS Swimming Pool Contractor examinations have a minimum passing threshold of 75%.
Qualifying Individuals for the Class DF Fire Protection license must possess a current National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technology (NICET) Automatic Sprinkler System Layout Level III or IV Certification, or NICET Water Based Sprinkler Layout Level III or Level IV. No ICC exams are currently approved for the DF license.

Exam Types

ICC Exams
We recognize the following ICC Kansas exams (referenced by the Exam ID numbers noted): DE, Standard Master Electrician (Exam ID: K9D); DM, Standard Master Mechanical (Exam ID: K9L); DP, Master Plumbing with Gas (Exam ID: K9F); A, Standard General Building Contractor (A) (Exam ID: K9A); B, Standard Building Contractor (B) (Exam ID: K9B); C Standard Residential Building Contractor (C) (Exam ID: K9C); DR, Roofing Contractor/Subcontractor (Exam ID: K9P); DW, Framing Contractor (Exam ID K9J), but will also consider and may be able to recognize ICC National exams if it can be verified to have a 75% or higher score.

  • Complete ICC exam and registration information, along with an electronic copy of the Kansas Candidates Bulletin.
  • ICC exams are administered by Pearson VUE and arrangements for testing are made through them by calling 1-877-234-6082.  Sponsorship for ICC does not offer a DS Swimming Pool Contractor exam that is recognized by the agency.

Prometric Exams
We sponsor for and recognize the following exams (referenced by the Catalog Numbers noted) : DE, Master Electrical (Catalog Number 20112); DP, Master Plumbing with Gas (Catalog Number 30323); DM, Master Mechanical (Catalog Number 31123); A, General Construction (Catalog Number 10142); B, Building Construction (Catalog Number 10242); C, Residential Construction (Catalog Number 10342); DR, Roofing (Catalog Number 11632); DS, Unlimited Swimming Pool (Catalog Number 34010). 

Prometric exam and registration information, along with candidate test content bulletins can be found at: Prometric administers the Prometric tests and requires sponsorship before a test appointment can be secured. Prometric does not offer a DW Framing Contractor exam that is recognized by the agency. Questions about testing or sponsorship can be answered by calling a License Monitor at (913) 715‐2233.


All Prometric exams require sponsorship. The sponsorship fee is $50.