Affiliate Access to Welligent


Welligent access will be granted to eligible Affiliates including Targeted Case Managers, Community Service Providers (CSP) and their designated staff after the Welligent Affiliate Access to Application Agreement has been completed and approved by the Community Developmental Disabilities Organization (CDDO).



Application and Agreement

A Welligent Affiliate Access Application and Agreement may be requested from any CDDO staff member and is to be completed and submitted to David.Gibbs. A separate application is required for each employee requesting access. The decision to grant access will be made by Sabrina Mitchell, CDDO Data Quality Governance.


JCDS Data & Application Administrator

If approved, the CDDO will send notification to the JCDS Data & Application Administrator requesting a new account be created for the staff. The JCDS Data & Application Administrator will determine the User Identification (ID) and Password to be assigned to the employee of the Affiliate agency. The JCDS Data & Application Administrator will send notification to the employee, which will include the User ID and Password. The unique Welligent User ID and Password are not to be shared with anyone.


Staff is no longer employed

When the staff is no longer employed or has given notice to terminate employment with the Affiliate, the employee’s supervisor is responsible for immediately notifying the CDDO. The notification should contain the name of the employee and the date that access should no longer be allowed to Welligent. The CDDO will send this information to the JCDS Data & Application Administrator requesting that the employee be deleted from Welligent access.