CDDO Notice of Privacy Practices (HIPAA)

This notice describes how intake, eligibility, assessment and other information is used and disclosed and how you can gain access to this information. Please review it carefully.

Understanding Your Individual Record

Beginning with your intake application, the CDDO creates a case record of your information. This record may include:

  • Your social and health history.
  • Current services and funding for each.
  • Intake application, eligibility, assessment, diagnoses, and medications.
  • Plan for the supports you receive.
  • Basis for planning your supports.
  • Means of communication among the many health and service professionals who contribute to your supports.
  • Legal document describing the supports that you received.
  • Means by which you or a third-party payer can verify that you actually received the services billed for.
  • Tools to assess the appropriateness and quality of support you received.
  • Tools to improve the quality of support services and achieve better outcomes


Understanding what is in your record and how your information is used helps you to:

  • Ensure its accuracy and completeness.
  • Understand who, what, where, why, and how others may access your information.
  • Make informed decisions about authorizing disclosure to others.
  • Better understand the information rights detailed below.