Nelson Wastewater Treatment Facility

JCW Nelson Complex Wastewater Treatment Facility Aerial View

The Nelson Complex is an award winning facility that actually includes two treatment plants (Mission Main and Turkey Creek) and a sludge thickening facility at one site.  In total, the plants are designed to treat an average of 15 million gallons per day (MGD) with treatment of up to a peak flow of 52 MGD.  

The plants currently serve approximately 130,000 customers in northeastern Johnson County and discharge to Turkey Creek.  Liquid treatment processes include: Influent Pump Stations, Bar Screens, Grit Removal, Primary Clarifiers, Trickling Filters, Secondary Clarifiers, Disinfection and Re-aeration.  

Solids are thickened onsite by gravity thickeners and centrifuges for landfill disposal.  Odor control is also provided for various areas throughout the plant.  The Nelson Complex also operates and maintains 12 lift stations to pump wastewater to the facilities.

The Nelson Complex was originally constructed in 1947 with many modifications over the years. Major improvements to address discharge limits for constituents such as ammonia, nitrogen and phosphorus that can be harmful to aquatic live and encourage the growth of nuisance algae in surface waters. 

Since the current treatment technology at the Complex is not capable of meeting these stricter water quality standard, significant improvements have been identified for the Complex and the planning process is underway.  Visit for additional information. 



4800 Nall Ave
Mission, KS 66202
United States

Department: Wastewater