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Woman replacing light bulb.

Make your home more energy efficient before winter arrives

Johnson County is joining hundreds of state and local governments across the country in a national day of awareness about the benefits of energy efficiency. Governor Laura Kelly has proclaimed Oct. 6 Kansas Energy Efficiency Day.

The county is leading by example:

  • Undergoing a lighting retrofit in many buildings, updating from fluorescent lights to LED.
  • Conducting overall energy assessments to reduce energy consumption with the goal of improving energy efficiency.

What you can do at home:

  • Save energy by using LED bulbs. Lighting is 30% of personal energy usage.
  • Check energy-consuming systems including thermostats. Energy usage can be improved with more intelligent thermostats. Adjusting temperatures to save energy when you aren’t at your residence or when you are sleeping can make a difference.
  • Energy is being consumed even through devices and appliances in sleep mode. For devices and appliances that will need to be permanently plugged in and available, looking into purchasing this equipment with an energy star certification. The certification is to ensure the lowest energy consumed during non-use periods.

Homeowners and renters who need assistance with weatherization costs can contact the Kansas Housing Resources Corporation (KHRC). Income-eligible households receive a comprehensive home energy audit to identify inefficiencies. Services and upgrades are provided free of charge.


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