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World Password Day

It’s World Password Day. How strong are your passwords?

Today is World Password Day, the perfect day to make sure all of your passwords are strong and different across accounts and websites.

Creating a strong password is easier than you think. Follow these simple tips to shake up your password protocol:

  • Use a long passphrase. 
  • Don’t make passwords easy to guess. 
  • Avoid using common words in your passwords.
  • Keep your passwords on the down-low.

Make sure you use a unique password for each of your accounts:

  • Having different passwords for various accounts helps prevent cyber criminals from gaining access to these accounts and protects you in the event of a breach. It’s important to mix things up. Find easy-to-remember ways to customize your standard password for different sites.

Enable multi-factor authentication:

  • Double your login protection to ensure that the only person who has access to your account is you. Use it for email, banking, social media, and any other service that requires logging in.
  • If multi-factor authentication is an option, enable it by using a trusted mobile device, such as your smartphone, an authenticator app, or a secure token — a small physical device that can hook onto your key ring.

And don’t forget to use a password manager to remember all of your passwords.

Explore more ways to protect yourself online.

Information provided by the National Cybersecurity Alliance, please visit staysafeonline.org for additional resources.


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