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People unloading hazardous household wastes from a resident's car

Celebrate Earth Day with action

Today is Earth Day…the perfect time to highlight the various ways Johnson County and the community are working together to help protect our environment and make it more sustainable. If you are looking for a way to honor Earth Day, we have several ideas!

Learn about the Climate Change Action Plan. Hundreds of residents, elected officials and community experts came together to create the Climate Change Action Plan. This plan will help address the issue of climate change and how we can all do our part to reduce its impact on Johnson County and Kansas City: 

Recycle your glass. Ripple Glass will take bottles, jars, candle jars, drinking glasses, glass cosmetic jars, and even windows as long as the hardware and frames are removed. 

This video gives you some good recycling information as well.

Reduce food waste. Food waste makes up 23% of our landfill. Food Cycle KC and Compost Collective KC both provide collection of food waste from your house or business and turn it into usable compost. Or you can start your own backyard compost bin; have questions, we can help. 

Recycle your old paint and household chemicals, batteries and more. Johnson County has a free drop off program that any one can use. Last year we collected almost 200,000 lbs. of hazardous waste and recycled 10,000 gallons of latex paint, all from Johnson County homes.

Help your business, school and church go green. The Johnson County Green Business program offers help to businesses, schools and more who want to start a recycling program, learn how to compost, or become more sustainable. This service is free to all Johnson County businesses. 

Request a presentation. We would love to talk to your kids. school, your Homeowners’ Association, or community group about recycling, composting and sustainability. 
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