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Vaccine distribution plans for next week in Johnson County

By the end of today, Feb. 19, Johnson County Department of Health and Environment will have vaccinated more than 50,000 people, either at its own clinics or through our health care system partners. Progress includes vaccinating nearly 40% of our county’s educators and school staff. In addition, results from an informal JCDHE survey indicate that all of our county’s long-term care facilities have received their first and second doses as part of the federal pharmacy program.

Please read Johnson County’s vaccination plan for the week of Feb. 22. However, it should be noted that we still have not received next week’s doses due weather delays. If we do not receive our allotted doses for next week, these plans are subject to change.

We will keep the public updated on next week’s plans and the status of our dose allotment at jocogov.org/covid-19-vaccine.


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