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JoCo on the Go

JoCo on the Go podcast Top 10 episodes in 2020

What a year for our podcast, JoCo on the Go! Launched in August 2019, we grew our reach to 15,000 downloads in 2020 and won a first-place award from the National Association of Government Communicators. We just released episode #73 to end 2020.

JoCo on the Go focuses on everything Johnson County, discussing what’s happening and coming up in the community. This year, the topics for our podcast heavily focused on the latest information on COVID-19 from our county and state experts.  Over the last several months, we have used the podcast, as one of our many communication channels, to inform the county on the latest virus updates and strategies to stop the spread. We even talked to a family that survived COVID-19.

View this video to see the list of our top 10 episodes in 2020 for JoCo on the Go. You can also subscribe or listen to any of our podcast episodes at jocogov.org/podcast.

Thank you for listening to JoCo on the Go and we will continue sharing important info to Johnson County in 2021!


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