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A mother using a computer while talking to her young son

Parenting during a pandemic over the holiday break from school

Winter break is a family-favorite time for most families: extra time together, seasonal activities, parties and family gatherings are all highlights. This year, it might feel like a lot of the typical high points of the season are just a little bit out of reach. And, much like the very end of summer vacation, parenting becomes a bit more challenging.

Here are five quick tips Johnson County Mental Health Center is passing along on how to help adjust for the peculiar realities of winter break 2020. Maybe they will help your family reach just a little higher to capture some of those typical high points of the season.

  1. Talk about your feelings with your kids.
  2. Focus on what you and your kids can control.
  3. Create new family traditions this year.
  4. Maintain some regularity and expectations.
  5. Embrace scaling back this year.

This information was adapted from the Children's Hospital Colorado.

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