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A woman wearing a mask putting hand sanitizer on a child wearing a mask

Have questions about schools moving to the Red Zone?

On Tuesday, Nov. 3, Johnson County Department of Health and Environment announced that schools are now in the Red Zone, due to high levels of community COVID-19 transmission. Schools continue to do a good job reducing the risk of spread, so no recommendation was made to change learning modes at this time.

We've received questions about this and we have the answers. Check out some common questions and answers about moving to the Red Zone.

Here's an example:

Q. Why make this change now? Haven’t schools been doing a good job at controlling any outbreaks in schools?

A. High community spread impacts everyone. JCDHE warns it especially places our schools and residents of long-term care facilities at higher risk. Increased community spread is starting to impact the number of hospital beds available for people who are very ill, and staffing, if health care workers become ill. Rising infections have also stretched the capacity of public health to conduct case investigations in a timely manner.


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