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A young girl wearing a backpack and a mask washing her hands

Johnson County schools move to the Red Zone, high level of community spread

Johnson County Department of Health and Environment continues to report an exponential increase in the number of new COVID-19 cases, indicating high community spread.

The substantial increase has pushed schools into the Red Zone. The change from Orange Zone reflects community transmission, not spread within the schools. Due to safety precautions, schools are doing a good job preventing spread within facilities. Learn more about the school recommendations.

The increase in new cases is coming from people in the 20-60 age range, those who are gathering in large groups, such as crowded restaurants or bars, as well as people who are attending small and large social gatherings, such as football watch parties, birthday parties, camps, weddings and faith-based events. There are also significant household transmissions occurring, representing approximately 20% of new infections since Sept. 1.

Learn more about the high level of cases in the county and what this means for the community and schools.


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