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Johnson County reports highest number of new infections since start of pandemic

Director says rising infections are alarming; asks community to do its part to help slow surge of cases

Johnson County Department of Health and Environment (JCDHE) is reporting the highest number of infections in any one day – and the highest number in any one week – since the pandemic began. Community spread is on the rise, putting people at risk for serious complications that can result in hospitalization and death. 

There were 287 new infections reported overnight – the most reported in any single day. That number has brought this week’s total to 1,024 new infections for the week, with one more day to go. The most infections previously reported in a week was 810 the week of July 12-18. 
Dr. Sanmi Areola, JCDHE director, cites the spread of misinformation about ways to combat the virus as a significant factor in the rise in cases. 

“We are getting into very dangerous territory. Infections are spiking at a very rapid rate,” said Dr. Areola. “This is putting our residents at risk. And, rhetoric around herd immunity and deliberate infections, masks don’t work, and other inaccurate information, is hurting our efforts to contain the spread of this virus.”

Public health officials stress it is more important than ever to continue to work to break the transmission cycle in Johnson County by:

  • Wearing masks appropriately and consistently in public places and in gatherings
  • Physically distancing
  • Washing hands frequently
  • Staying home when sick

Upcoming holidays, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, combined with colder temperatures forcing people indoors, are also cause for concern with the surge in cases.

“It’s understandable that people are tired of following guidelines, and want holiday celebrations to continue as normal, however, these are not normal times,” said Dr. Areola. 

“This is not the time for house parties, or even small gatherings with those that do not live with you. Our concern, as always, is for the health and safety of our entire community – and that’s what we want our residents to consider with their own actions.”

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