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Cartoon of a ballot box that says "Vote"

JoCo Voters can now see their sample ballot online

Every voter in the county can get a preview of what their ballot will look like by going to voter.jocoelection.org. Under Voter Resources click on "Voter Lookup & Sample Ballot." You will need to enter your first and last name as well as birthdate, and then click on “Click here for sample ballot.” You will see the national, statewide and local races based on where you live.

All Johnson County voters will have the same question at the end. It asks voters if they would approve of allowing sellers of alcoholic beverages to be free from any requirement that a certain percentage of their total sales come from food. This applies only to establishments where liquor is sold by the drink, such as bars, restaurants and microbreweries.

The current law mandates those establishments to derive 30% of their total sales from food. The state law has been in place since 1986 and allows individual counties to opt out by popular vote.

In Johnson County, the Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously to put this question before voters in the November Election. For this question, a "Yes" vote is a vote to remove the 30% food requirement. A "No" vote is a vote to keep the food requirement in place.


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