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A stethoscope sitting on a paper with a graph on it

Johnson County launches new COVID-19 dashboard

The Johnson County Department of Health and Environment has launched today, Oct. 5, a new version of its coronavirus dashboard.

Improvements include:

  • The first tab, Case Summary, has been condensed. It provides Cases by Date Reported followed by Cases by Date the lab was collected. This is followed by hospital and deaths, cumulative and by date.
  • The Cumulative Summary tab is new. It's comparable to the previous Case Summary tab. JCDHE is using a new figure for negative test results.
    • On the previous dashboard, the negative and the positives did not add up to individuals tested, because an individual could have gotten a negative and a positive test result.
    • On the new dashboard, the data is now noted as individuals who have tested positive, individuals who have tested negative and total individuals tested. Those numbers will now add up, similarly to what the Kansas Department of Health and Environment tracks.
  • The Testing & Percent Positive Rates tab is also new and shows the number of new positives, new negatives and repeat negatives by date. It also includes an additional way JCDHE has started calculating the Percent Positivity Rate (similar to KDHE), followed by the traditional way the department has calculated that data point. 
  • Weekly charts is a new tab that summarizes key metrics by week.
  • The Schools tab on the new dashboard replaces the Gating Criteria tab on the previous one. It displays the key metrics schools are using to make decisions on learning modes, including the additional way JCDHE has started calculating the Percent Positivity Rate. The previous dashboard displayed the Incidence Rate as a 7-day metric, while the new dashboard displays the datapoint as a 14-day metric.

Learn more about the improvements to the dashboard.


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