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Guidance available for alternative/remote locations offering academic services

Many school districts and families are opting for remote learning, at least to start this new school year. To assist alternate locations offering academic services to support K-12 remote education, the Johnson County Department of Health and Environment has developed guidance for reduced risk of transmission during this pandemic. This may apply to businesses or individuals offering offsite academic learning, learning co-ops and tutoring.

Service providers are encouraged to follow public health guidance and take all necessary actions to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among students and adults - such as hand hygiene, physical distancing and wearing masks.

The detailed guidance includes:

  • Considerations for physical space and daily structure
  • Masking requirements
  • Considerations for caregivers and adults in charge
  • Considerations for parents
  • Recommended daily screenings
  • Signs and symptoms of COVID-19 to watch for
  • Additional considerations, such as what to do if someone tests positive

Read the full guidance for remote education service providers. This guidance does not pertain to parents offering home schooling to their own children.


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