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Johnson County Department of Health and Environment Director Dr. Sanmi Areola

JCDHE director provides COVID-19 update to the BOCC

On Tuesday, Aug. 4, Johnson County Department of Health and Environment provided an update on the COVID-19 pandemic to the Board of County Commissioners.

Highlights from the briefing include:

  • The trajectory of the number of cases and positivity rates have changed for the better. Rather than the exponential increases of a few weeks ago, cases have plateaued and appear to be trending downwards. We averaged about 90 cases per day this past week compared to 103 and 116 cases per day in the preceding two weeks.
  • 90 cases a day is still high. We will continue to watch the numbers as graduations and associated parties will have an impact soon.
  • We may need additional measures to drive down spread so we can reopen schools safely in the least restrictive way.
  • The fact that we have kept up with case investigations and contact tracing pretty well has been impactful in limiting the spread of the virus. In the past few weeks, we have had all of our cases assigned within 48 hours. 
  • We are working on enhancing our resources in these areas as we prepare for schools reopening and potential spike in cases.
  • The positivity rate is decreasing also.
  • Our businesses, governmental and nongovernmental organizations are showing strong commitments to health.
  • Guidelines for reopening schools was released last week. There will be additional edits and clarifications soon.


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