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University of Kansas Health System offers daily update on regional health care response

The University of Kansas Health System is also providing daily updates on how COVID-19 is impacting our health care system and community. Chief Medical Officer Steve Stites, MD, and Dana Hawkinson, MD, Medical Director of Infection Prevention and Control, with The University of Kansas Health System and special guests talk about the fight against COVID-19.

Tune in at 8 a.m., Monday through Friday, on Facebook.

Highlights from the update include:

  • The blood supply in the Kansas City metro is low. The need is beyond urgent. There is currently a three-day supply and the blood bank typically has a seven-day supply to serve the region. Residents are encouraged to make an appointment at one of the metro‚Äôs seven donation centers.
  • Not only is Kansas seeing a rise in positive cases, but there is also a rise in cases among the 20-30-year-old age group. That is true nationally as well.
  • KDHE anticipates a period of 18-24 months during which COVID-19 will continue to be an issue.
  • It is important that people follow the guidance of wearing a mask and physical distancing when in gatherings. Keep those groups to 45 or less.


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