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Dr. Sanmi Areola

Update on efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19

On Tuesday, June 2, Johnson County Department of Health and Environment Director Dr. Sanmi Areola provided an update to the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners regarding COVID-19.

Highlights from the information shared include testing priorities:

  • JCDHE is working on a recommendations for testing every staff member and resident in long-term care facilities, with ongoing testing.
  • Since May 18, JCDHE has tested 470 people at its appointment-based testing clinics.
  • On May 29, 952 residents were tested at a public drive-thru clinic (including those with and without symptoms). Of the 880 results that are back, nine tested positive.

Get additional information from JCDHE on COVID-19 during the next Johnson County Board of County Commissioners meeting.


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