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Task force members meeting via Zoom

Johnson County COVID-19 Recovery Planning Task Force finalizing proposal to reopen businesses

On Monday, April 27, the Johnson County COVID-19 Recovery Planning Task Force spent several hours working on updates to the latest draft of the Johnson County Recovery Plan available on this page.

As they reviewed the plan, they discussed many aspects of reopening, including:

  • Using words like “must-do’s” and “requirements” versus “recommendations” and “guidance” in the plan and how this document could be enforced
  • The need to add an appendix to the plan with available guidelines and resources 
  • The importance of doctors being the ones to determine when gating criteria have been met to enter a new phase of reopening
  • Determinations on which sectors belonged in which phase of opening

Work will continue on updating the draft document. The task force plans to meet and finalize it at 3 p.m., tomorrow, April 28.

Watch the recorded April 27 task force meeting. Watch tomorrow's task force meeting live online. Learn more about the task force.


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