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Beau and Jeff on the podcast

JoCo on the Go: Understanding your appraisal

JoCo on the Go podcast episode #27 includes everything you need to know about your property appraisal. Guests include Johnson County Director of Appraisal Operations Beau Boisvert and Residential Valuation Manager Jeff Ramsey. They provide details about whether values are trending up or down and where you can expect the most change compared to last year. You’ll also hear how appraisals are conducted and values decided. You’ll find out how to appeal your appraisal if you feel your property was over or under valued.

By March 1, you can access your Notice of Appraised Value by visiting the Office of the County Appraiser webpage. Just click on “property data”. 

JoCo on the Go is available where you regularly listen to podcasts. Just search for the podcast by name and subscribe. Learn more about this podcast and get a complete transcript of each episode.


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