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JoCo Veterans Treatment Court celebrates three graduates

On Wednesday, Dec. 18, three men graduated from the Johnson County Veterans Treatment Court program, after successfully completing comprehensive mental health and/or substance abuse treatment, a series of court appearances, drug and alcohol testing, recovery support meetings and working closely with mentors who are also veterans.

The graduates of the program were veterans of the Navy and Army Reserves, Air Force and Marines. 

One of the graduates of the program, Charles Doster, shared how when he first came to Veterans Treatment Court, he was moved by the love.

“You could feel it in your heart,” Doster said. “A lot of vets have been through so much. So much you wouldn’t believe. But they came and they are here (Veterans Treatment Court). And they feel that in their heart.” 

The mission of the Veterans Treatment Court is to identify veterans in the criminal justice system and, when eligible, get them into treatment and court supervision as an alternative to incarceration. Veterans voluntarily participate in the 12- to 18-month program.

You can listen to a JoCo on the Go podcast episode about Veterans Treatment Court released in mid-September.

Veterans who are struggling to get help can reach out to their local Veterans Administration or other services, such as Johnson County Mental Health for support. Mental health emergency services are available by calling 913-268-0156, or the Veterans Crisis Line at 1-800-273-8255 (or text to 838255). 


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