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stormwater survey map

Flood anniversary is a good time to think about stormwater management

Oct. 4, 1998, may be a date you remember. About five inches of rain fell when the Kansas City Chiefs were playing the Seattle Seahawks, causing flooding and delays in the stadium, and unfortunately, deadly results throughout the metro. More information on that flood event is available here.

Johnson County’s Stormwater Management program needs the public's help to tackle the issue of flooding. All residents are invited to help identify flooding and other stormwater-related concerns by completing this online mapping tool

Instead of tackling flooding issues in separate municipalities, Johnson County is now looking at solving problems the way nature intended, on a watershed basis.

“Solving flooding problems where they occur isn’t always the best or most cost-effective approach,” said Lee Kellenberger, program manager of the Stormwater Management Program. “Sometimes the best solution to the problem is located upstream. Removing the municipal boundaries, and studying flooding problems though a watershed lens, will allow the county and the cities to work together to develop more comprehensive and cost-effective solutions.”

The masterplans will also identify potential solutions to address water quality impairments and aging infrastructure.

While the survey will remain active until August 2020, information that is gathered will begin to be used immediately as the department begins to formulate masterplans for each of the county’s six watershed organizations.


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