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CIT Training class

Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) Training – responding to a mental health crisis

This week, law enforcement officers, dispatchers and mental health professionals are involved in 40 hour Crisis Intervention Team (CIT) training. CIT is a collaboration designed to improve the way law enforcement and community partners respond to people experiencing mental health crises.

This training equips attendees through educational presentations, verbal de-escalation simulation and a panel of clients and family members who speak from their personal experiences. CIT-trained officers respond to a scene involving a mental health concern to provide the right response at the right time. The goal is to keep everyone safe and prevent incarceration, which could make matters worse for someone in crisis.  

Recently, Johnson County released a JoCo on the Go podcast about the Crisis Intervention Team. Listen to the podcast online and hear from an officer who is helping to implement CIT training, a county commissioner who supports the effort, and a resident who appreciates the sensitive response to her loved one. 


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