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Theresa Freed interviewing Josh Powers for the podcast

JoCo on the Go: Micro Transit

During our sixth JoCo on the Go podcast episode, we’re discussing a pilot project that is helping Johnson County residents get from point A to point B in a new convenient and affordable way. Micro Transit functions as part of the regional public transportation system known as Ride KC. This episode includes a conversation with Johnson County Government’s business liaison Josh Powers, who helped bring Micro Transit to the area. He talks about the success, thus far, of the pilot and where it’s going. You’ll also hear from Johnson County Board of County Commissioners Vice Chair Jim Allen, who serves on the Transportation Council, plus some microtransit users.  Learn how to get on board Micro Transit and any other Ride KC services.

JoCo on the Go is now available on Apple and Google Play. Just search for the podcast by name and subscribe. Learn more about this new podcast and get a complete transcript of each episode at jocogov.org/podcast.


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