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Citizens Academy

Fall session of Citizens Academy gets underway

Dozens of Johnson County residents, this week, began a journey to gain greater insight into their county government. The Citizens Academy Program got underway on Thursday, Sept. 5. The program seeks to enhance citizen knowledge of county operations and services, encourage a unified community identity and increase participation in Johnson County boards, advisory councils and commissions.

CAP allows community-minded individuals to discover what makes the high quality of life possible in Johnson County through behind-the-scene tours, hands-on activities and conversations with county commissioners, the county manager and county staff.

Participants attend 10 three-hour weekly sessions that explore the county budget, civic engagement and volunteer opportunities.

Prior Citizens Academy participant and Overland Park resident Parri Christie encourages others to get involved.

"I kind of think I already had a little bit of a clue about what was going on, but there is so much information and so many different entities to learn about, and so it's just been a great program," Christie said.


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