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First-ever landlord recruiter begins duties at Housing Services

Pam Harris has recently joined Johnson County Housing Services as its first-ever landlord recruiter. In this newly-created role, she will work with existing and new landlords to expand affordable housing options for Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program participants.

The HCV program, commonly known as “Section 8,” provides rental assistance for qualified program participants. The county has 1,447 HUD-authorized vouchers which serve nearly 3,000 people. Rental units are provided by more than 200 private landlords. There are currently 330 applicants on the HCV program waiting list.

Harris has a lengthy and solid record of serving the vulnerable members of the Johnson County community. She brings a solid background of working closely with numerous community partners from the public, not-for-profit and private sectors. Eventually, the position is expected to evolve into working with private sector developers to facilitate future development of affordable housing options.

“There are two primary risks landlords face:  payment and damage. Participation in the Housing Choice Voucher program significantly reduces both. We strive to make the landlord’s experience simple and profitable,” Harris said.

In a short time, Harris has already had favorable impact on both adding new landlords to the housing roster as well as retaining existing ones. With a focus toward expanding unit types and locations, her efforts expand choices for existing HCV program participants as well as broader distribution of housing units across the county.

More information on the HCV program, for both participants and landlords, is available here.




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