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recording of JoCo on the Go with Theresa Freed, a Mental Health team leader and a local teen

Keep kids healthy as they head back to school, JoCo on the Go

During our second JoCo on the Go podcast episode, we’re taking a closer look at how to keep children healthy, both mentally and physically, throughout the school year. Episode guests include Johnson County Health and Environment (DHE) WIC Program Manager Laura Grimmett, DHE Health Services Division Director Nancy Tausz and Mental Health Team Leader Renee Van Meter. They provide valuable information for parents about helping children eat nutritious meals and snacks on a budget. They also share the very latest on new vaccination requirements. You’ll learn about anxiety in children and hear from an area student about the importance of building a strong peer support system.

JoCo on the Go is now available on Apple and Google Play. Just search for the podcast by name and subscribe. Learn more about this new podcast and get a complete transcript of each episode at jocogov.org/podcast.


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