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Red public works vehicle lays down material for a chip and seal on a paved country road.

After heavy winter, Public Works prepares for warmer work

After a winter that produced more than three times the precipitation as the winter before, everyone is excited that spring is finally here.

Johnson County Public Works department is putting away the snow plows and getting ready for warmer weather work in unincorporated Johnson County. After the sun and wind dries up the gravel roads, they’ll begin working to repair potholes and ruts created by the winter weather. Unlike paved roads, gravel roads couldn’t be plowed until there was at least three inches of accumulation on them or else the plows would remove gravel as well.

Residents can easily notice the paved roads outside of city limits didn’t amass the same number of potholes that highways, interstates and city streets did this winter. That’s because of the preventative maintenance practice of chip sealing the Public Works department does during the summer months each year. This chip sealing process covers up cracks in the pavements and keeps water from getting inside the road and breaking it open.

A winter like this one reminds us just how hard our Public Works crews work to keep our roads passable and safe all year round. In addition to gravel road maintenance and chip sealing, these crews will also work to maintain ditches, striping, brush, signs and bridges along the roads in unincorporated Johnson County.


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