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Johnson County mails out 2019 Citizen Survey

Johnson County’s 2019 Citizen Survey is on the way to selected mailboxes in early March to assess community needs and priorities on behalf of the Johnson County Board of Commissioners.

The annual survey is conducted by ETC Institute, an Olathe firm that’s one of the nation’s leading community-based market research firms in public surveying and polling processes. ETC has been retained by the county to formulate and tabulate the survey, initially biennially and now annually, since 2005.

“This survey helps us measure how the county is effectively using resources to provide the services that our citizens want and expect from their county government,” Ed Eilert, chairman of the BOCC, said.

The timing of the annual survey is planned to gather citizen viewpoints regarding issues in the upcoming FY 2020 Budget discussions that start in June and end in mid-August with approval of the new budget.

As part of the survey, ETC will seek residents’ levels of satisfaction with Johnson County services and programs, including perceptions about overall quality of service, availability, affordability, accessibility, expertise, timeliness and responsiveness.

The survey also asks a few questions regarding how residents in Johnson County would like their community to look in the future.

The surveys will be mailed out the week of March 4 to select a random sample of about 6,000 Johnson County households. The survey involves 27 questions and  is expected to take about 15 minutes to complete. Only one survey will be sent to each selected household.

The goal is to complete at least 1,200 surveys by a combination of initial mail responses and follow-up phone interviews to achieve an adequate database. At least 200 surveys will be completed in each of the county’s six commission districts.



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