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the entrance to the exhibit

The Johnson County Museum ’20s Exhibit

The Johnson County Museum is a fascinating look at the history of our community.  But the recent biggest draw for it has been “The Turbulent Twenties” exhibit and there is a good reason for it. 

Want to see it? Well, the exhibit (and actually the entire museum) is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 4:30 PM. There is still plenty of time to visit it. The exhibit opened toward the end of August of last year and will remain at the museum until May 11. This exhibit is celebrating a belated 100-year anniversary. It is also included in admission. If you want to see this part of the museum than you are in luck. 

Not only that but there are several museum tours in February and there is even an event called Lunch and Learn. In this event you get to learn about 1920s fashions. Also, as the title suggests you get to bring your own lunch with you. If you want to know more information, check out the museum website


This video will give you a preview of what you may see in it. Here it is:


Isaac Rankin

County Managers Office


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