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Photo of 10 county employees who completed their intensive Positive Behavior Supports certification.

Celebrating Positive Behavior Supports milestones and graduations

Our Positive Behavior Supports program is creating positive outcomes and participants celebrated important milestones on Friday.

Johnson County is collaborating on PBS with the Kansas Institute of Positive Behavior Support. PBS uses a strengths-based, person-centered approach for improving an individual’s quality of life. It’s a framework staff at the Department of Corrections, the Mental Health Center and Johnson County Developmental Supports are using to create a positive environment for social learning with a team-based planning approach.

The Johnson County Department of Corrections Juvenile Detention Center was the first to pilot both the universal and intensive implementations of PBS. The success of this early adopter led to the county-wide initiative. Corrections, Mental Health and JCDS are working together and piloting PBS in different ways, all at different stages in the process. However, this data-driven program that tracks teachable moments and positive reinforcement is already achieving results.

  • Johnson County Mental Health is piloting PBS with clients in the Crisis Recovery Center, Adolescent Center for Treatment and Adult Detox Unit. Teachable moments and positive reinforcement are being documented and behaviors are improving in this recovery-oriented model.
  • Johnson County Developmental Supports is piloting PBS in its residential and day programs, as well as at a community worksite. Staff cited one example of a client with dementia who has shown huge improvements in behavior due to PBS.
  • Behavior, motivation and clinical progress are improving due to PBS in the Department of Corrections Therapeutic Community. Employees are “catching” clients exhibiting good behavior and rewarding them.

These departments came together with the Kansas Institute of Positive Behavior Support on Friday to share accomplishments and also celebrate the graduation of 10 employees who have completed their Intensive PBS Certification.


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