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snowy residential street in Johnson County

Have your home tested for Radon

The state of Kansas and Johnson County are recognizing the importance of detecting and getting rid of radon in our homes. On Thursday, Jan. 17, the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners designated January as Radon Awareness Month. Last month, then Governor Jeff Colyer also signed a proclamation for the same.

Radon is a colorless, odorless and tasteless gas that can have serious health consequences, including lung cancer, when excess levels are present in your home. Johnson County K-State Extension Agent Denise Dias says radon is prevalent in our county, so it’s important that everyone test their residence.

“The average radon test coming back is 5.3, which is over the action level for radon, so, because of that it’s really important to encourage people to test,” Dias said. “And we have a lot of older homes in our county, and even new homes being built should be tested for radon.”

The Extension Office has already distributed an estimated 600 radon kits, and they’ve ordered more to keep up with the demand. Cost is $8 per kit. They can be purchased at 11811 S. Sunset Dr., Olathe. Kits will be available throughout the year.


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