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portrait shot of Robert Sullivan

Robert Sullivan joins task force to examine pretrial detention practices

Robert Sullivan, director of the Department of Corrections, has been tapped by the Kansas Supreme Court to serve on an ad hoc task force that will examine pretrial detention practices in Kansas district courts and report its findings and recommendations to the court within 18 months.
The 15-member task force was created by a Nov. 7 Supreme Court order signed by Chief Justice Lawton Nuss. Its membership includes judges, defense attorneys, prosecutors and court services and community corrections officers. Sullivan is the only representative from Johnson County. The first meeting will convene Dec. 13 and 14 in Topeka. 
The task force is charged with examining current pretrial detention practices for criminal defendants in Kansas district courts, as well as alternatives to pretrial detention used to ensure public safety and encourage an accused to appear for court proceedings.

The task force will also compare Kansas practices to effective pretrial detention practices and detention alternatives identified by other courts. This comparison could be used to develop best practices for Kansas district courts.

Further information is available in this press release.



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