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Picture of the Emergency Operations Center exercise

County completes annual Emergency Operations Center exercise

More than 100 local government and public safety employees may feel more prepared to handle a disaster today. Multiple jurisdictions and organizations took part in a full-day annual Johnson County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) exercise on Wednesday. After being given a scenario of civil unrest in Johnson County that continued to unfold throughout the day, about 120 people worked together, either in the EOC or off site, and practiced their Emergency Support Functions, or ESFs. 

The annual exercise is the county’s opportunity to test, in partnership with cities, its processes and procedures that would be in place should a disaster or crisis strike.

Examples of functions representatives practice included public safety, mass casualty, logistics, planning, procurement and communications. This is the county’s 4th annual full scale exercise. Each year offers a new opportunity for participants to learn and practice all of their skills in a controlled setting.
Photo courtesy: Trent Pittman


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