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A graphic with the county logo that says "Your Teen's Mental Health."

Parents invited to discuss mental health and teens

The Johnson County Mental Health Center will hold a Facebook Live, Ask Me Anything (AMA) event at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 29.

Parents of teenagers are invited to tune in and ask whatever questions they have about how they can play an active role in promoting positive mental health for their teens. The specific topics depend on the questions that come in, but they may include issues such as concerns about friends, dealing with stress, signs of suicide, substance abuse or general parenting advice. Parents should remember not to include specific medical information or other confidential information.

Questions will be answered by Jessica Murphy and Renee Van Meter from the Mental Health Center. Murphy, a licensed master social worker, serves as team leader for emergency services, including after hours and the co-responder program. Van Meter, a licensed specialist clinical social worker and licensed clinical addiction counselor, is the team leader for open access, the initial point of contact for services at the Mental Health Center.

The video will be live streamed on the Johnson County Government Facebook page.


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