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Staff from JCPRD and the County Manager's Office pose with Johnson County Commissioners Eilert, Klika and Shaffer for award.

Arts & Heritage Center wins national award

The Johnson County Park and Recreation District (JCPRD) was awarded the Historical/Cultural Facility Award for the Arts & Heritage Center by the National Association of County Park and Recreation Officials (NACPRO) on July 15 during their annual conference. The award is presented to a NACPRO member agency that “provided a unique or exceptional…historical facility; to focus national attention on the very best of facility design; to encourage outstanding efforts in planning, design, construction, and benefits to the community” says their website.

The Johnson County Arts & Heritage Center (JCAHC) is a unique partnership between JCPRD, Johnson County Government and other community partners with a shared vision to provide historical, fine arts, dance and performing arts programming. JCPRD operates and manages the center per a 10-year agreement with Johnson County Government, the facility owner.

Formerly a bowling center and ice skating rink that sat vacant for nearly 10 years, the JCAHC is located at 8788 Metcalf Avenue in Overland Park. Johnson County Government acquired and renovated the facility for $22 million; an additional $1.8 million, largely through philanthropic community gifts, funded the museum exhibition program. Staff from all entities partnered from June 2015 to June 2017 to design, construct, furnish and program the 80,000 square foot facility.