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copy of new Kansas license plate

New license plate production and delivery process

The Kansas Department of Revenue has announced that a new production and delivery process for Kansas license plates will be implemented in August. The new plates will carry the same designs currently offered, but will be flat instead of embossed. They will be mailed directly to customers. 

Beginning Aug. 1, 2018, a customer receiving a new plate as part of his or her transaction will leave the office with a 30-day temporary license plate and a registration sticker. The permanent plate will be mailed directly to the customer. Customers can expect to receive plates within 10–14 business days.

It is very important that customers remember to put the registration sticker received at the county Motor Vehicle Office on the new plate and attach the plate to the correct vehicle. 

Please note customers with current embossed plates do not need to order a new plate because of the system change.    


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