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Chairman and Mayor cut red ribbon for new CNG Station

New Compressed Natural Gas station opens

The city of Olathe and Johnson County Government celebrated the opening of a new Compressed National Gas (CNG) fueling station today, located at 1385 S. Robinson Dr. in Olathe. Adding this station, the third for Johnson County, allows more departments to consider moving to CNG vehicles, even for critical response units such as snow plows and buses.

Compressed Natural Gas provides cost savings and reduced emissions. In 2017 alone, the county saved more than $40,000 by using CNG over diesel fuel in portions of its fleet. With 20 to 30 percent less greenhouse gas emissions and 95 percent less tailpipe emissions than petroleum products, CNG is beneficial for the environment as well.

In addition to CNG, the county incorporates flex fuels and hybrid vehicles as other alternative fuel vehicles within its fleet. Currently, 33 percent of the county’s light vehicles, 23 percent of medium vehicles and 7 percent of heavy vehicles are classified as alternative fuel vehicles. The county continues to add more CNG vehicles to its fleet with buses as the primary area of growth.

In 2015, a city/county agreement was approved for the construction of a shared CNG facility with capability of “time-filling” up to 50 city CNG trucks and “fast-filling” county transit buses. In 2015, Clean Energy was hired for the design/build of the CNG Fueling Facility.


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