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Board to assume governance of Fire District No. 2

On Thursday, June 7, the Johnson County Board of County Commissioners voted to assume governance of the Johnson County Fire District No. 2 effective immediately, after several months of assessment and discussion regarding the governance, personnel and the ongoing financial viability of the district.

The board voted to approve a resolution to change the governance of fire district No. 2 to the BOCC.

Commissioners also discussed the need to establish an advisory board comprising taxpayers from fire district No. 2.

Formal discussions about fire district No. 2 began on March 15, 2018, when the BOCC asked county staff to look into the financial future of the district and explore options from a feasibility study that was completed in July 2017.

One of the identified threats to the financial stability of the fire district is the impending loss of a contract with the city of Overland Park in 2022 totaling $770,000, annually. The potential for the loss of the city of Spring Hill's annual contract was also a factor in today's decision.

Earlier in the year, the fire district board voted not to formally approve county ethics guidelines for its employees.