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pen writes 2019 budget on paper

Proposed 2019 budget rolls back mill levy for 2nd consecutive year

Interim County Manager Penny Postoak Ferguson today submitted her proposed budget for 2019 with the recommendation to roll back the mill levy by a quarter mill for the second consecutive year. She presented the information to the county commission during a committee of the whole session.

“This proposed budget strives to balance our efforts to provide the important county services our residents rely upon and expect, be good stewards of tax revenue and provide a mill levy rollback,” said Postoak Ferguson.

With last year’s quarter mill reduction combined with the proposed 2019 quarter-mill reduction of the county mill levy, the cumulative impact is a reduction of more than a half mill. The proposed 2019 budget includes a .275 mill levy reduction to accommodate for valuation changes likely to occur before the tax roll is finalized in October.

Johnson County’s proposed 2019 budget is composed of $814.5 million in expenditures and $261.8 million in reserves. The reserves helps maintain the county’s AAA general obligation bond rating.

The total budget figure includes reserves, inter-fund transfers, and non-county taxing district funds, as well as the county taxing district working budget which totals $368 million to operate the programs and services available for Johnson County residents.

“This budget outlines the organization’s priority to serve the needs of residents of Johnson County as our community continues to grow and prosper,” Postoak Ferguson said.

Further details are available online.


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