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Keep your Valentine's flowers fresh

The most popular day to give flowers is fast approaching — Valentine’s Day is Feb. 14.

If you’re planning to send or receive flowers, Johnson County K-State Research and Extension offers tips to care for Valentine’s flowers.

Above all else, water is vital. Keep the vase or floral foam soaked with water at all times. Add fresh water daily and use warm water, as this will aid in uptake. 

You can read Extension’s full article on Valentine’s flower care online. The helpful tips include:

  • Provide lots of fresh water
  • Keep ‘em cool
  • Tricks for wilted flowers
  • Care of potted flowers

If you have more questions about caring for Valentine’s Day flowers, contact the garden hotline — staffed by trained volunteers and Extension agents — at 913-715-7050 or garden.help@jocogov.org.