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Siblings walking to school together wearing backpacks

Sign up at NotifyJoCo.org to receive emergency alerts

Information is critical when severe weather, water outages, public health emergencies or other emergency situations happen. One way you can stay informed about emergency situations unfolding in Johnson County is by creating a profile at NotifyJoCo.org. NotifyJoCo, a public notification system designed to keep our residents and businesses informed of emergencies, is a free public service made possible by a partnership of local governments and public utilities in Johnson County. 

NotifyJoCo relies on E911 phone numbers and personalized contact information registered by you or your family. Public officials strongly recommend that you log on to NotifyJoCo.org today to update your information and customize your preferences. The system allows you to designate up to five specific locations within the county that matter most to you; for instance, you might designate your place of employment, your spouse's place of employment, your child's school or day care center, or other relatives' homes. It's important even after initially registering to keep these locations updated, especially if your child starts attending school at a new building. You can also specify how you would like to receive notifications — phone call, email or text message. 


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