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Lanesfield Historic Site

Living History Program Registration Form

Select your time of arrival. The program lasts approximately 4 hours.
Contact Information

** Remember, we can ONLY accommodate 30 people (students AND adults).

  1. Divide the students into 4 groups.

    Note: Group D is the only group that will NOT be asked to read out loud or answer questions out loud about what they have read.

  2. Include names in the spaces below. Indicate adults with an * and list their first names. If adult names are not known, write "Adult" in the space provided. Students in Group D will not read aloud.

If your class has a spelling list, please share the words in the space provided. The Lanesfield teachers will use the submitted list during the program. If your students are not working on a list at the time of the program, we will use a standard list developed for the Living History program.

Please provide any additional comments that may be helpful for the Lanesfield instructor, including any accommodations that would help your students fully enjoy and participate in the Living History program.

Please call the Museum at 913-715-2552 if you would like to discuss additional accessibility needs for your students. Thank you!