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United Way Campaign

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2017 United Way Campaign - October 13th > November 3rd


Message from Jeff Stewart & Tiffany Hentschel, Co-chairs, 2017 United Way Campaign:

This week we begin our 2017 United Way campaign for Johnson County Government employees. It is our pleasure to serve as this year’s campaign co-chairs, and this year, the campaign will run from Oct. 13 to Nov. 3.

One donation — your donation — benefits our entire community.

Together, we can find answers to our community’s biggest questions:

  • Where will thousands of people without homes sleep tonight?
  • How can we bring literacy to our community’s children who otherwise might not have access to books?
  • How does our city stack up to other in its care for those in need?

This year, we’ve set two goals: raise $112,000 and have 375 donors contribute to the campaign.

To sweeten the deal, Deputy County Manager Penny Ferguson, along with Assistant County Managers Maury Thompson and Joe Waters and Sheriff Calvin Hayden have agreed to a friendly competition to increase the number of participants from the county.

The division with the most per capita increase in donors — not donations — will win County Manager Hannes Zacharias for a day. The winning division will decide how to use our county manager for a full work day.

You’ll receive more information about this year’s campaign in an email from the United Way of Greater Kansas City.

Thank you for your support of our community and this annual effort.

E-Pledge Resources:

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2017 United Way of Greater Kansas City Campaign Video:

What’s been happening with the donation you so generously made to last year’s United Way campaign? 
  • More than 1,300 children from birth to age 5 throughout the metro area received a free, age-appropriate book every month through Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, sponsored by United Way. That means those young children are learning to love reading, which is the key to their future academic success. For example,  4-year-old Katelyn eagerly waits each month for the day her book will be delivered to her house.
  • 721 formerly homeless people were successfully moved into transitional or permanent housing, and 11,336 low-income households were able to avoid homelessness, thanks to United Way’s Family Stability Initiative and the programs at many of the partner agencies we help fund. Because of this initiative,  Tina and her son, Ryan are on the road to a more financially secure future.
  • More than 1,200 youth were connected to job internships or employment and more than 10,000 young adults gained greater financial literacy skills, thanks to United Way’s Financial Opportunity Center Network and Decade of Difference initiatives and dozens of proven programs at our partner agencies. Ricky is one of those young adults – he has now found a better job and has a plan for paying off his college loans.